How Working with a Staffing Firm Can Improve Your Company Culture

Inspired by the foosball tables and unlimited vacations of Silicon Valley, the conversation around workplace culture is red-hot these days.

You probably know many companies are investing in amenities and employee camaraderie as ‘cultural’ ways to attract top talent to their organizations. What you may not know is how working with a staffing firm can help companies achieve the corporate culture they desire.

Below are just a few ways custom staffing solutions can help companies improve their internal culture.

Fresh faces, fresh ideas

A company’s culture often stagnates when ideas and inspiration slow to a trickle. One way for a company to restore the vibrancy of its early years is to infuse some fresh talent into the organization.

Having access to the diverse, deep talent pool of a staffing firm gives a company the chance to retain the services of new applicants who will have fresh ideas, bolster your team and help it to adapt to changing times. In fact, the talent acquisition process itself can be tailored to hire on only individuals that come to the company with fresh ideas.

A staffing firm can also bring experienced professionals into your company with an informed, outside point of view. Ideas, routines and solutions tend to become fixed in the mind and having an outside perspective can be invaluable, particularly when it comes to culture.

De facto staffing consultation

When looking to enhance their business culture, many supervisors are at a loss for where to begin. A staffing company can offer useful information for managers taking the first step toward improving their internal culture.

For years, company leaders have used staffing companies to address distinct personnel-related issues, and this has led to staffing industry experts developing significant problem-solving expertise. Making a company’s culture better is just the latest phenomenon that staffing professionals can provide experience and insight into.

Experienced culture screening

In addition to laying out the ‘big picture’ roadmap toward a better company culture, a staffing company can also help select those candidates with the qualities you are looking to build your culture around.

It is crucial that a staffing company knows how your company’s culture is different from another client they’re hiring for. To be able to locate the proper fit for you, they must interview people in their pool of potential employees with your culture in mind.

The better a staffing firm is aware of your business culture and brand, the better they’ll know what you’re on the lookout for in your hiring sequence and the prospective hires they given to you will be a much better fit.

An initial sit-down will allow a firm the time to understand your business, as it is a part of the investment they’re making in your company and its staffing policies.

At LTI Services, we work with our client companies to provide them with the talented individuals that add value to their business. If your company is considering using a staffing solution as part of its part to reinvigorate its culture, please contact us today.