Why You Should Hire Based On Personality Instead of Skill Set

In the past, managers focused solely on the hard skills and experience of individual prospects when making hiring decisions.

But now, managers are increasingly looking at personality and cultural fit as major factors, with the objective of building a team of workers who satisfy your brand image and organizational objectives. Most skills can be taught to those with certain amounts of aptitude and motivation. Character, however, can’t really be taught, especially not over the short term.

Using an In-Depth Interview

In the interest of having a personality-driven recruiting process, supply both an in-depth interview and orientation to all potential recruits. While you’ll be capable of telling a lot about a candidate during the face-to-face interview, it may take serious amounts of conversation get a sense of one’s true personality.

Get In Touch with References

It’s critical to contact applicants’ professional references when selecting for personality. While their resume supplies you with a thorough overview of career accomplishments, it doesn’t showcase actual personality.

When getting in touch with a candidate’s references, you should inquire specifically about the worker’s personality.  Finding out how they get along with others, how strong their individual morale is, and how they interactions with supervisory personnel should give you a good understanding of the recruit’s personality in the workplace.

Utilize Personality Assessment

There are personality tests that can be used to get insight into the personality of a prospective worker. Such tests can be given before a face-to-face interview to better understand an applicant’s personality prior to meeting them, or they can be presented upon the culmination of a successful interview as a way of analyzing their fit with current staff ahead of making an ultimate hiring decision. Personality assessments can also be included with a primary employment application, making the pre-screening sequence easier.

Red Flags to Look Out For

While the personality traits you might be looking for vary from company to company, there are personality red flags that every company should be trying to spot in their candidates. If a candidate appears to be too full of themselves, rigid in their ways, negative, apathetic or quick to assign blame, it’s a safe bet you don’t want them on your team.

In addition to designing questions to identify leadership or teamwork skills, your personality assessment should also try to tease out these red flags from candidates so you can quickly eliminate them from the process.

Offer Necessary Training

Finally, when placing significant emphasis on personality to build your team, you must follow up with the appropriate training. This training can be an in-house endeavor or it could be outsourced to a different company, including a staffing agency like LTI.

At LTI Services, we help our client companies hire based on specific criteria, whether that’s specific personality qualities or particular skills. If your company is looking for a certain type of job candidate, please contact us today to discuss the specific qualities your company is looking to identify in prospective candidates.