Were You Ghosted by a Recruiter?

Imagine this situation: You’ve gone on several interviews with a recruiter, possibly done some sample work for them, are waiting to hear back about a job… and nothing. No response to emails or voicemails: You’ve been ghosted.

If this situation hasn’t happened to you, it may in the near future as the problem of ghosting job seekers is unfortunately becoming more and more common. Now, some recruiters and hiring personnel are saying it’s okay to write a strongly-worded email after you’ve been ghosted.

It’s important to wait until you’re certain you didn’t get the job. The last thing you want to do is accuse somebody of ghosting you when they’ve only been on vacation. Ideally, you should have gotten a timeline for hearing about a job and a crystal-clear set of expectations, both of which haven’t been met. You should have also made every attempt possible to reach out to the recruiter.

Why You Should Say Something

If you’re being ignored, if you’re not getting the job and you are ready to move on, why even say something? Aren’t you essentially burning a bridge, and isn’t that bad?

First, it can give you emotional closure and that can be very important. A job search is a grueling endeavor that can be filled with all kind of rejection. Being able to walk away from a ghosting situation without any regrets can be much better emotionally that feeling beat down or even bullied.

Second, writing a strongly-worded email can help out someone else. Think about it: If the recruiter has ghosted you, how many other unsuspecting job seekers have they also ghosted? Sending an email can make them think twice about disrespecting job seekers in the future.

What To Write

When writing this email, consider the possibility that it might be passed around. Basically, you should view the email you’re writing to be a factual letter that provides useful information to the recruiter and their company.

Be sure to start by thanking them for the opportunity and taking the time to meet with you. Then, you can describe your disappointment at not hearing back, and make the not-too-subtle suggestion that ghosting someone at this point in the hiring process is unprofessional. Close your email by taking the high road: Wishing the recruiter and the company the best of luck moving forward.

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