Tips for Tweaking Your Job Descriptions to Attract Better Talent

Writing a good job description is a crucial step on the path toward recruiting the right people for your business.

Given the need for talented individuals is rising with the rebounding economy, it will be much more essential for businesses to succinctly express their needs, expectations, values and culture through their digital presence. Job descriptions are a big part of that digital footprint.

Here are a few things to consider when putting together a job description that separates the contenders from the pretenders.

Don’t go for volume

It might make sense to cast a wide net in the hopes you’ll catch a big fish. However, targeting the types of individuals you really need is a more effective strategy. Think of the job description as a way to weed out unwanted applicants. If your company prizes efficiency, even in its recruitment practices, this approach should make a lot of sense.

Don’t use jargon

If you don’t want to draw a massive barrage of cookie-cutter resumes and cover letters, avoid industry jargon and management speak. Instead, concentrate on the very specific skill sets your company is on the lookout for and offer details on the role. Include things like information on company culture to draw in the right candidates and a confident call to action to filter out those who apply to every job they think they have a shot at getting.

Keep it short and sweet

Just say what you need and what you could offer a talented worker. Being vague will only attract vaguely interested individuals and those with vague skill sets. It’s critical to have a bit in the description on day-to-day responsibilities and the size of the team. This allows the reader to get a sense of the job without using a label like “entry-level” or “senior management.”

Keep it real

To entice the right candidates, the job description should explain the realities of the work, particularly the challenges a worker will face in the role. Phrases like “be a quick study,” “in a fast-paced environment” and “delivers quality results” let readers know you mean business.

Your language should draw in people who are confident and who like a challenge.

Talk up the benefits

While you want to weed out people who aren’t passionate or well qualified, you  don’t want to completely scare people away either. Take into consideration what you would find desirable in a company if you were the kind of job seeker you are looking to target. For example, those starting out in their career might want a range of experience and opportunities to advance, while those further along in their career may be looking for a sizeable paycheck or a flexible schedule to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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