These 5 Tips Will Make Your Manufacturing Floor Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Managing a manufacturing company may never have been particularly easy, however, the current business environment makes it incredibly challenging. To ensure success, manufacturing supervisors should run their floor like a business – thinking tactically and moving beyond the daily business of ‘fighting fires’.

Manufacturing leaders must make an effort to steer clear of typical mistakes. Below are five keys to running a successful production floor.

1) Understand Real Costs

Many manufacturers believe they know what it costs to make their products, however, this is often not the case. Floor supervisors have to know all the details behind what earns them money, and what doesn’t. Managers can do this by figuring out the true cost per hour and properly costing the work they oversee.

2) Acknowledge Customer Concerns

Good customers are the center of any manufacturing company. Connections with customers become even more critical during a weak economy. However, with the current strong economy, sometimes company leaders become less vigilant about customer relations, missing out on chances to form high-quality relationships.

It is not good business to equate not hearing many customer complaints with customers being completely happy. Everybody throughout a business ought to be conscious of customer concerns, particularly production floor managers, to have a more-informed view of their role.

3) Quality is Not a Differentiator Anymore

It is not unheard of for manufactures to say quality is their major differentiator. However, quality is no longer a differentiator in today’s economy: It’s an expectation.

Most creation floor have put quality management systems in place to track quality, including non-conformances and corrective actions. To simply remain competitive, manufacturers need a formal quality management system in place that is integrated with a larger management solution.

4) Value Your Employees

Highly-skilled workers have become difficult to find and even harder to hold onto, with the gap between the abilities necessary and the readily available pool of skilled employees continuing to widen. This reality illustrates how critical it is for manufacturing leaders to invest in and develop employees.

5) Manage with a Single Business Solution

There is no longer any justification for depending on out-of-date production floor management systems. Even the smallest operations should be able to afford an integrated management solution. Counting solely on accounting software with no link to the floor is a recipe for disaster. When systems are not integrated, the information in them does not have the timeliness needed to make essential decisions, production cannot operate as efficiently, and it slows the company down, possibly to the point of losing out to the competition.

Quite a number of scalable business solutions are accessible to even small operations. Being scalable, the systems ought to be capable of growing with the company. Today, solutions also tend to be bundled with an accounting solution or integrated with standard accounting solutions.

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