Why You Should Take a Chance on Entry-Level Assembly Workers

When it comes to job applicants, we typically think of experience as being highly valuable, and it is. Although, inexperience can be valuable as well; or rather, it’s a lack of ingrained habits that can be valuable to an employer.

Experienced workers, especially those with many years on the job, can get set in their ways. Understandably, they’ve developed a routine that works for them and they may be skeptical of other methods to doing their job. To put it another way, these professionals must sometimes unlearn what they have learned.

Inexperienced workers don’t have an established routine to break or bad habits to unlearn, which can make their integration into a new company fairly easy.

That doesn’t mean you should only hire inexperienced people. Those new to the workforce with the best chance of success will have a number of intangible qualities, like enthusiasm and passion for their profession.

Below are just a few reasons to consider an inexperienced candidate for your next open position.


Looking to take the first step on their career path, inexperienced candidates should be enthusiastic. If an applicant isn’t, that could be a major red flag they aren’t going to readily pick up your procedures.

Hiring an enthusiastic candidate can also have a knock-on effect for your workforce, as enthusiasm can be contagious.


An inexperienced candidate has no professional loyalties to other employers. This means you won’t have someone who talks about how things were better at an old job. Also, hiring an inexperienced candidate means not having to worry about them suddenly quitting to go back to an old employer.

Obviously, inexperienced workers won’t have undying loyalty to your organization, as companies must work to earn and maintain the loyalties of their employees.

Lower wages

Inexperienced candidates, on average, will cost you less in wages than experienced professionals, as work experience does increase a person’s value.

While there will be costs incurred by training an inexperienced employee and the ‘rookie mistakes’ they make, these costs can easily be offset by the savings made through a low pay rate.

Extra motivation

Inexperienced workers have something to prove, more so than experienced professionals. Therefore, when you hire someone who doesn’t have a lengthy resume, they should be willing to go above and beyond for your company.

If you are considering inexperienced candidates, look for signs they go ‘above and beyond’ in their personal life. For instance, an ideal inexperienced candidate will have a history or internships, volunteer work, or strong background in a hobby like sports, music or art.

Culture shift

While a cultural shift needs to happen from the top down, hiring inexperienced candidates who fit the culture being envisioned can be part of the process.

If your company is looking to become more professional and buttoned down, for example, you should consider inexperienced candidates with that background and personality.

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