How to Structure Your Welding Resume

Although there is a definite shortage of welding talent in today’s job market, that doesn’t mean submitting any old resume will be enough to get you that dream job.

In order to get the welding job you want, your resume must be properly structured and include several crucial elements.


Highlight achievements, not responsibilities

Include details on work you’ve done previously and the types of materials you’ve worked with. Also, reference any unique conditions you have worked under. For instance, your welder resume should point out if you’ve worked on tall buildings or inside enclosed spaces.

A welder resume should put more focus on achievements, as opposed to past responsibilities. Since a hiring manager should be familiar with the duties of a conventional welding position, your resume will have more impact if you list past accomplishments. Talk about a large project you helped complete or how you were able to improve process efficiency.


Education, training and certification section

Clearly list where you earned your high school or equivalency diploma, as well as any training at a technical school and certifications.

Effective welder resumes will list all the courses taken within an industry school to showcase complete background. Be sure to include where and how long you spent in your apprenticeship program.


Trade affiliations section

Include any welding-related organizations or trade groups you belong to. If you are not a part of any professional organizations, you ought to think about doing so as it indicates active engagement and prolonged education in your chosen trade.

If you’re currently in school, ask a faculty member or student organization about the various kinds of activities and clubs you can get involved in. These are generally free to join and can be included in this section of your resume.

If you already have a job, your employer may pay for you to join a trade organization that helps you learn more welding abilities.


Additional skills

End your resume by including a section that provides any supplemental skills you think might be of interest to a potential new employer. These skills might include any other languages you speak, software programs you are familiar with and any personal achievement or skills that might set you apart from other candidates.

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