Sizzling Summer Job Search Tips

Job seekers often say hiring managers are not reachable during the summer and therefore, it’s not worth the effort to search for jobs from May through August.

However, very few Americans take long vacations these days, and it’s often business as usual for hiring throughout the summer months.

While it may take more time to make hiring decisions due to vacations, you can still move your job search forward during the summer months. In some cases, summer’s pace actually gives hiring personnel more focus, allowing them to be more attentive to job applications. Moreover, many managers look to kick off big projects in the fall, and this means new employees must be in place and up to speed by the time September rolls around.

So rather than throwing in the towel and kicking it by the pool, here are a few things you can do to land your next job this summer.

Network like crazy

Think about how you got jobs in the past. Odds are, the majority of them were through someone you knew. Because summer tends to be the most social season of the year, it’s also the best season for networking.

Suggest outdoor get-togethers to take advantage of summer weather. Get in touch with old contacts by asking about vacation plans or discussing plans of your own. If you have kids away at camp, make use of the quiet time by doing networking events in the evening. With more hours of daylight in the summer, that just means more time you can be out meeting people.

While summer networking conversations tend to be lighter in tone and may not always turn to work, at the very least you’re making new connections or keeping in touch with old ones.

Be disciplined about scheduling

The warm weather shouldn’t lull you into being lazy about your job search. They say looking for a job is a job in and of itself, so it’s important that you ‘punch in’ each day – even if it’s just for an hour or so.

It’s also helpful to be smart about your schedule. Summer is headache when it comes to scheduling for businesses because of vacations, so be prepared to be flexible with your time. It also helps to keep an up-to-date schedule with you. Most smartphone apps will allow you to sync your phone and computer or keep your schedule in the cloud. Whatever app you settle on, be sure it has a function that allows you to share your availability.

Take stock of your skill set

Summer is an ideal time to take a critical look at the skills on your review and think about adding some new achievements or training. Summer is also a good time to update any skills that might be lagging, particularly those skills you can brush up. Many organizations offer summer classes, and taking one will both improve marketability and allow you to network with classmates.

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