How to Recruit More Millennials into Manufacturing Roles

With a large section of its workforce made up of baby boomers, the manufacturing industry is currently looking at major labor shortage in the coming years and the current labor market isn’t making things any easier.

Manufacturing companies need to step up their efforts to recruit millennials so they can step into the jobs of today and fill manufacturing leadership positions of tomorrow.

Fortunately, there are ways for companies to appeal to younger workers. A robust internet presence, innovative recruitment tactics and showcasing pathways for upward mobility are just a few ways manufacturers can attract more millennial applicants.

Offer Career Development Opportunities

Because millennials are typically in the earliest stages of their career, they crave opportunities to advance and develop as professionals. If they realize your company doesn’t have much room to advance, they are not going to stick around. They also not going to stick around if they realize that doing so won’t allow them to expand their skill set.

It’s so important to be able to find ways to advance your most talented millennial workers. These young men and women can then become brand ambassadors for your company amongst their generation.

It’s also important to make sure your employees aren’t working with tools and systems that are below industry standards. If millennials are compelled to use sub-standard tools and systems, they will feel like they are falling behind others in their field.

Modernize Your Brand

A company with an old, calcified way of doing things is going to have a hard time revitalizing itself by hiring young workers. Instead of trying to absorb the energy of youth through staffing decisions, a business looking to hire millennials must make sure it projects a modern brand. That could mean giving virtual reality tours of your facilities. Or, it could mean creating a dynamic workspace that can be reorganized periodically.

If you already have millennial employees at your company, they can be a great resource for identifying ways to modernize your company’s brand.

Focus on Your Digital Presence

Is your company website modern and mobile-friendly? Or does it look like a holdover from the 90s internet?

A company’s official website is the first place somebody is probably to look at when getting to know your company. A first impression, in this instance, can really do a lot.

Your company should use its website to show its products and services in the larger world. Having grown up with the internet, millennials tend realize that it’s a big world out there and many want to work for a company that can reach across the country or around the world.

Adopt a Modern Management Style

Baby Boomers might be used to working in a company that provides limited information and has five levels of management; however, millennials expect to be kept in the loop and they want to feel a personal connection to the uppermost parts of their company.

Millennials also tend to prefer regular feedback throughout the year. They would prefer that management calls out errors and poor performance in real time, as opposed to getting blindsided with a bad annual review.

At LTI, we have access to a deep pool of talented professionals from every generation in the workforce. If your company is currently in need of a staffing solution, please contact us today.