How to Recruit Better Talent

Businesses in the habit of hiring the most talent people on the market don’t do it by accident. They establish a pool of possible employees well before they even have to fill a job.

Building a talent pool can be done directly, by reaching out to and engaging talent through social media. But more often, the development of a good pool of prospects is done indirectly. If a company cultivates its culture and brand in the same way an expert farmer cultivates his crops, the results will be an embarrassment of riches when it comes time to ‘harvest’.

The following are a few tips on how to recruit the best talent out there on the job market.

Prioritize your employees’ job satisfaction

Experts say the best approach to hiring top talent is to build a company culture that attracts the best professionals, a culture where people are inspired to do the best.

In addition to treating your staff right, talk to top performers in your organization to find out what they like most about working for you and what you could do to make them happier. Take the most popular aspects of top employees’ jobs and try to apply them across the company. Address any common issues that top performers keep raising.

By making as many employees as possible in your company satisfied with their job, you are essentially turning them into brand ambassadors when they interact with other skilled professionals.

Expand your company’s network

Once you are confident your top employees will be great company representatives, have them participate in and network in industry groups online, at conferences and in the local community.

Occasionally, generate master lists of industry leaders and potential employees from your current employees, clients and colleagues. Create a plan for getting in touch with these people and share details on your company, particularly your insights on employee job satisfaction.

Learn as much as possible about top professionals

Through talking to both your own top employees and elite professionals outside your company, try to learn as much as possible about the most skilled people in the professions that are most relevant to your company.

Furthermore, there are a number of online tools like Google Analytics and LinkedIn that allow you to see what kinds of professionals are interested in your company. Once you know who is interested in your organization, you can better tailor your efforts to recruit them.

Shore up your online presence

The About Us section of your website aids job seekers and those curious about your company to get a greater understanding of your brand, mission and culture. Be sure that any logo, artwork, photography, company description, and executive listings are crafted with talent recruitment in mind. Also, do the same for any social media profiles and be sure that the content you are sharing appeals to the sensibilities of top professionals.

When people looking for work know what your company is all about, they can be more considerate when they apply and more prepared to engage in the hiring process.

At LTI, we have years of experience in connecting companies to top talent. Please contact us to learn more about how we can recruit highly-skilled professionals for your organization.