How to Promote Your Business in the Local Community

At a time when everybody seems to be talking about the global economy, it’s easy to overlook how a company fits into the local community.

Building a good company brand should go beyond a social media presence and a smart-looking website. In fact, any good business should start by promoting itself in the local community by partnering with charities and sponsoring events. Show you live in the community and hire people from the community by being present there.

Stage Team Events

Having employees participate in local events or holding volunteer outings are a good idea with regards to promoting within the community. Participating or holding these events is most effective when they line up with company values and mission.

Volunteer work and community events like a lot to take on when everyone at a company is already putting in 40 hours of work a week or more. However, there are numerous possibilities that don’t require a massive amount of time.

Prioritize Local Interactions

If you want faithful customers, your company must provide great experiences whenever it interacts on a local level. That means paying attention to how your company interacts with people in the community with an eye toward providing making a distinctive impression.  For instance, it pays to go above and beyond in customer service cases or invest in the outward appearance of your facility.

Connect with Other Local Businesses

Your company isn’t the only organization in town looking to promote within the community. Connecting with other like-minded companies on various initiatives is a great way to network while collaborating on promotional efforts.

Look to partner with local companies that use your products or services. For instance, if your company is a food manufacturer, you could offer your products to local restaurants in exchange for them promoting your products.

Join a Community Board or Organization

Almost all cities, counties and towns have a Chamber of Commerce in one form or another. Joining a Chamber of Commerce offers the opportunity to network and promote your business, as well as promote the area. Your company could also take advantage of exclusive advertising opportunities or sponsor a Chamber event as a form of promotion.

There are also numerous community boards in any given area. When management from your company serves on one of these boards, they can network with other board members, some of whom might have significant local influence.

Host Tours, Classes and Demonstrations

We are so inundated with advertisements on a daily basis, we tend to check out on obvious sales pitches. However, tours, classes and demonstrations are softer ways to sell your company’s goods and services.

Talking to local customers about questions they have about your company’s products or services is a good way to develop classes or demonstrations, which can address these questions.

At LTI, we support all of our clients’ local outreach endeavors. If your company is currently looking for a talent acquisition partner that provides comprehensive support, please contact us today.