Prepare Your Full-Time Staff to Make Your Temporary Staff Feel Welcome

Imagine you’re starting a new temporary job. You’d probably want those around you to welcome you with open arms and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

So why wouldn’t you want to do that for anyone else entering a new job situation, and new temporary employees in particular?

Making temporary staff feel welcome isn’t just a nice thing to do. It’s also good business, as people who feel comfortable in their job tend to do better work. They’re less likely to make mistake and more likely to ask for help when they need it.

Engaging temporary employees

Company leaders should engage temporary staff throughout their entire tenure with the company, whether that’s a month, a quarter, a year or more. All workers ought to be treated as essential members of the team since this will impact overall team performance.

Temporary staff members ought to have access to most, if not all, of the benefits that full-time staff members do. For instance, they ought to have access to employee discounts, free lunches, parties, performance rewards and incentives.

Full-time employees should be encouraged to work with temporary staff members as they would with full-time workers. Temporary staff members should also get all company communications, attend all team meetings and made aware of departmental goals and objectives.

By treating temporary staff members as members of the team, you will grow a personal connection with them, resulting in these individuals being more likely to speak highly of your company, represent your brand well and to encourage others to purchase your products and services. They are also more prone to take accountability in their role and want to flourish in their duties.

Also, by treating all workers as part of the team, they become a pool of potential candidates for permanent employment with your company.

Consider generational differences

Millennials will tend to use temporary work assignments to gain some experience and move on. However, older generations tend to be more invested in learning about your company and possibly applying for full-time employment.

To put it another way the temporary job is a trial period for both parties. These workers are assessing your company just as much as you are assessing them.

It may be that temporary workers will accept full-time, permanent employment even if they are not fully engaged. However, those who don’t feel completely welcome are more likely to continue to check for other opportunities. It’s essential that workers be engaged from day one.

The cost of not taking the proper approach might be rapid turnover, as workers jump ship to a different assignment. Even if they stick with your organization, they may have lower levels of productivity, as these staff members might do their jobs, but not put in any added effort.

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