Is Online Six Sigma Training Worth It?

There are numerous advantages to adopting Six Sigma practices, like decreasing waste, raising profits and higher worker retention.

Given that Six Sigma is so useful, most businesses want their workers trained in the data-driven methodology, or they want them to get Six Sigma certification, which requires a great deal of time, effort and money.

While you could bring in a Six Sigma training team to train your managers and certify them, the cost can be nearly $30,000 per worker. Furthermore, Six Sigma training sessions would require the use of temporary workers to come in and cover for regular staff members out taking classes.

As an alternative, online Six Sigma training offers a number benefits over conventional training. First, it is convenient for everybody involved. Online training can be staggered so one half of those taking classes can work on training while the other half concentrates on their normal duties. Management can schedule training when it is practical, not based on what fits into the training company’s schedule.

Second, online Six Sigma training allows workers to go at their own pace. Bringing in a Six Sigma training team often pushes people to hurry through the material so they can take a certification test by a set deadline. Although workers may pass the “deadline test,” it is generally harder for people to learn information if they are hurrying to get through it.

Online training also allows staff members who catch on quickly to learn at their own pace, and that means the company doesn’t have to worry about other staff members holding up the rest of the group.

Online Six Sigma training is also much cheaper than traditional training. Given that Six Sigma is such a popular technique, there are many online businesses that provide training in it, providing you with a lot of options. Using the online system supplies other benefits, like interactive learning tools, tests, and videos. Spending money on online training can save your business thousands of dollars and still allow for staff members to be trained in areas like Master Black Belts. As soon as you sign up all your staff members, establish which workers need the training for Black Belts and how many workers you intend to certify.

While online Six Sigma training includes its share of advantages, there is a one major issue with it. As it is self-paced, some workers procrastinate. If your supervisors are not signing in to see which staff members have finished the courses, you won’t get all your people to go through the training course in a timely manner.

To overcome this issue, set up dates when modules must be concluded; then have your supervisors check on workers to find out if they are reaching the goals. Staff members who are slow may require more time on the training course or you may have to take them out of their normal work duties for a handful of days because they may be disrupting their training.

Always do your due diligence before you decide on an online training business. Because there are so many options, begin with most popular training companies, and work down to the less popular ones. Speak with your colleagues at other companies to see which training businesses they used and if they are satisfied with the results.

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