Your Interview Process Might Be Chasing Away Light Industrial Talent

The hiring process shouldn’t be a one-way street, particularly in this labor market where good candidates are hard to come by. It’s important that your process not only gets the right man or woman for the job, it should also be seen as a way to project the company brand to attract talented professionals.

Unfortunately, many employers are actually chasing away talent with their process, instead of attracting it. Often, these bad habits are simply bad communication practices as applicants are often happy to just be kept in the loop.

If you are concerned that your process isn’t drawing in talent like a powerful magnet, consider implementing the following tips.

Keeping applicants in the loop

When you have been a job seeker in the past, you’ve probably sent in an application to company and not heard back from anyone in the organization.

Frustrating right? So hopefully you aren’t doing that to your applicants!

Using today’s automated HR tools, it is simple for hiring personnel to collect as many applications as possible and scan through them quickly without ever telling applicants how the process is moving forward. Without so much as a confirmation email, these companies leave applicants wondering if hiring personnel had even received their materials.

One possible solution is putting stringent requirements in the job listing, which would narrow down the applicant pool and make communication easier for hiring personnel.

The human touch

While a confirmation email is better than nothing at all, it can come across as cold and impersonal, especially if your company uses an automated response system.

If an applicant does not talk with a real, live person for weeks, it only increases friction and the potential for awkwardness. Furthermore, businesses can be fairly demanding of applicants, asking for explicitly customized resumes, tailored cover letters and other supplemental materials. Then, these companies don’t maintain their own high standards by not interacting with applicants on a personalized basis.

Your company should make every effort to contact each applicant personally, especially if you have narrowed down your applicant pool with stringent requirements and asked them to submit specific materials.

Build a trusting relationship

The candidate selection process should be based on developing a connection quickly, when there is pressure to make decisions and the clock is ticking. People looking for work want to have a trusting relationship, but few hiring managers provide them with chances to safely build trust. Job seekers want to convey their personalities and soft skills during the application process, so it’s important that hiring personnel give them the chance to do that.

Your hiring team should develop ways to allow applicants to feel more comfortable in the hiring process, possibly by finding way to spend more time with each applicant or incorporating affable staff members into the process.

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