How to Ring in the New Year With Your Best Team

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, people ought to be full of happiness and joy, and yet it is often punctuated by tension and frustration.

There are still deadlines to satisfy at work, crowds of people to battle through at the stores and decorations to put up – and then pull down. With this all taking place in a short span of time, workers can be distracted, disinterested and irritable.

Keeping workers engaged through the holidays is the best way to ring in the new year and propel your company forward. Here are a few ways company leaders and executives can fire up the motivational spark that helps to finish the year on a high note and ramp up for next year.

Thank your workers for their hard work

Take the time to truly thank your employees and help them realize what they do is valuable to the company and those around them. Surveys have shown an overwhelming majority of people want to go the extra mile when they are acknowledged by their managers. A handwritten note, an email, or public recognition in a team meeting makes your workers feel valuable and motivates then to close out the year on a high.

Help your workers be charitable

Employees are more productive and more willing to go the extra mile if they identify with the core values and mission of a company. Conversely, a company should show it also prizes the values of its workers.

A great way to inspire workers during the holidays is to allow them time to do volunteer work. This might mean giving them a day or half-day off to pursue a charitable cause. You could also vote on a ‘team cause’ that your workers could spend a day volunteering their time on. In addition to giving back to the community, this has the added bonus of being a team-building exercise.

Hold a fitness competition

Almost everyone puts on a few pounds during the holidays. Help your workers combat weight gain by holding an office fitness competition. This not only gets everyone who participates healthier, it is also another great team-building exercise.

Allow a flexible work schedule

Because the holidays are so crazy, flexible hours can help your staff get their work done and take care of their personal commitments. Furthermore, research has shown that flexible working hours often means the worker is more productive than the standard office worker.

Empower your workers

Today’s workplace leaders know sharing part of the decision-making process with their people makes them more engaged. When workers are a part of the process, they take more responsibility for the outcome. Also, when their ideas work, they feel more satisfaction and, therefore, more motivation.

At LTI, we offer custom staffing solutions and managed services any time of year. If your company needs a boost during the holidays or after the new year and beyond, please contact us today to set up a consultation.