How to Inspire Your Employees by Keeping Yourself Motivated

Everyone feels unmotivated from time to time, and if you’re in charge of a group of employees, a lack of motivation can filter down to your team.

Company leaders must do their best to maintain a high level of motivation, particularly during difficult times. That’s not easy. Consider the following tips on how to keep yourself motivated, and by extension inspire your team.

Remember your importance

Sometimes, feeling motivated is as simple as remembering the importance of your work or how much your employees depend on you for their success. If you feel like you’re making someone’s life better or someone’s job easier, pushing through the dog days gets a bit easier.

Put frustrations in context

Even a so-called dream job will come with a set of frustrations and the occasional less-than-glamorous task that has to be done. In these moments, it helps to recall that it took hard work to get to where you are, and achieving your ambitions usually requires overcoming obstacles.

Break big projects into bite-sized chunks

Rome wasn’t built in a day, the saying goes, and the same mentality should apply to big projects.

A one-step-at-a-time mentality works with a lot of intimidating projects. Breaking a big project into a set of bite-sized pieces is a great way to start making headway; by tackling one line-item at a time.

Set personal deadlines

Setting deadline addresses the idea that the time spent on a task can increase without a looming deadline, decreasing a sense of purpose. Setting hard deadlines is also helpful for a team project where team members need to finish their individual bits before the whole project can move forward. When you’re meeting deadlines and functioning like a well-oiled machine, it makes everyone feel efficient and useful, which can be very inspiring.

Broaden your horizons

Sometimes, not feeling inspired comes from feeling under used. Discovering ways to try new things might be the trick to busting out of your funk. Furthermore, the employees on your team will likely welcome a new challenge and a change of the routine.

According to tech industry leader Marissa Mayer, stepping outside your comfort zone is how you grow as a professional and as a person. Mayer has said pushing through moments of doubt and discomfort often lead to a breakthrough and greater inspiration.

Invite constructive criticism

When you feel productive or want to help inspire others to be more productive, you’re likely curious about how processes could be improved. Sometimes, ideas on how to improve personal or team processes can come from a supervisor or a mentor. Other times, it might make sense to turn to a peer or someone outside the situation altogether.

Receiving feedback of this nature can be uncomfortable, but when you get too comfortable, you’re not pushing yourself and that can lead to malaise.

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