How Does AI Affect Your Hiring Efforts?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting every part of doing business, including recruiting talent.

Hiring the most skilled talent is becoming much faster, simpler and more precise than it was just 5 years ago. More specifically, AI is leading to a reduction in time-to-hire, a higher quality of new employee and even a better applicant experience.

The current state of AI in recruiting

AI is currently being used from the start of the hiring process all the way through to the end.

AI can screen resumes, choose qualified applicants for an interview and schedule meetings. The technology is also capable of reviewing applicants who sent applications for but were not selected for other jobs in the past, but may have the proper qualifications for a recently open position.

One prominent benefit of using automated system in recruitment is the removal of human biases or other subjective judgments that could lead to the disqualification of highly-qualified applicants.

Once qualified applicants have been chosen, AI can then get in touch with them via an automated email, which gives hiring personnel more time to spend on other duties. Some AI solutions include a dashboard that graphically displays candidates’ current statuses, data analytics and metrics on the recruitment operations.

One AI application known as Mya can engage with candidates via a chatbot feature. The program can present questions to applicants based on job requirements, supply personalized updates, give feedback and offer suggestions for advancing through the hiring process. Like digital assistants Siri and Alexa, Mya can respond to questions that pertain to the job and the company. If stuck on an inquiry, Mya will contact company personnel to get an answer, respond to the applicant and store the answer for future reference. Data has indicated Mya boosts efficiency by 38 percent and increases applicant engagement by more than 150 percent.

At a time when the competitive labor market highlights the importance of candidates’ experience, efficient communication with job seekers – even if supplied by an automated system – may offer a positive impression for applicants, leading to a positive opinion of the employer, regardless of the application’s outcome.

The road ahead

In the coming months and years, several AI solutions both new and “old” are expected to impact the hiring process. For instance, IBM’s flagship AI system Watson is being refined for HR purposes and is expected to leverage its immense repository of information to offer suggestions on job applicants.

AI isn’t expected to get rid of HR jobs anytime soon. Human judgment is still considered indispensable to the candidate selection process. As good as it may be, AI will continue to require flesh-and-blood oversight to make sure that things don’t go awry. However, AI will continue to improve and enhance the hiring process.

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