What Happens to Your Application After You Hit ‘Send’?

Every job seeker knows that submitting a job application often gets no response at all from a company.

It’s a frustrating reality all professionals have to deal with, but the situation is understandable given the fact that most companies are swamped with applications whenever they post a job opening. Responding to every application and keeping all those folks in the loop is just not an activity that benefits the bottom line.

While some applications do get misplaced or lost in the series of tubes we call the internet, most go through a similar sequence of steps.


When you submit a resume and cover letter, they often get screened by either a third-party recruiter or the company’s hiring personnel. Most businesses also put resumes into an Applicant Tracking System that allows users to search for keywords that match applicants to the job description and create a list of ideal applicants to contact.

Phone interview

If a company does reach out to you with a phone call, you should be ready for it. Most job seekers apply to just one company at a time, and if you have multiple open applications floating out there, you absolutely need to keep all of in mind.

Expect the typical phone interview to last around half an hour, be fairly pleasant and tell you more about the role to gauge your interest. At this point, you may not know whether or not you’ll be advancing to the next step in the process.

On the other side of the call, hiring personnel are looking for your communication skills, cultural fit potential and expectations for the job. Essentially, they are looking to see if you sounds as good as you look on paper.

At the conclusion of a phone interview, you should ask what the next step in the process is and if you need to do anything to increase your chances of getting the job.

If you don’t end up hearing back after a phone interview, it might be because more qualified applicants cropped up or the hiring company modified the criteria for the job. Be aware that it never hurts to call the recruiter back a few days to a week later to touch base.

Presenting the top candidates

After the phone interview, top candidates are selected by the recruiter or human resources manager and presented to the hiring manager. The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate are discussed and candidates are then selected for in-person interviews.

These deliberations typically take a week or two, depending on people’s schedules. Therefore, if you haven’t heard something in over two weeks, you may not hear back at all.

Interviews and making the hire

Obviously, you should prepare as best as possible for the in-person interview and try to keep in touch with the hiring manager.

If you don’t hear back after a couple weeks, try one more time to connect with the recruiter then move on. Don’t worry – there are other fish in the sea!

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