Forget Time Management – Focus on Energy Management

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to take care of everything at work, run errands, work around the house and have a social life, you are probably thinking about ways to better manage your time.

Unfortunately, time is a limited resource and you only have so much of it to spend. However, energy is a resource that is relatively limitless. For productivity purposes, this means you can be more productive in both your personal and professional life if you increase the amount of energy you have during the day.

If you’re looking to get more done with the same amount of time, try taking a few steps to boost your energy.

Boosting physical energy

Insufficient nutrition, exercise, sleep and rest can really tamp down physical energy, along with their capability to manage their emotions and focus their attention. The first two steps to having more energy are eating right and getting enough sleep. The latter can be harder as it requires sticking to a reasonable bed time and limiting alcohol usage.

You also have to schedule regular breaks throughout your day in order to stay rested. Research has revealed taking regular breaks is a routine that is more in rhythm with our bodies normal energy cycles and the result is a better, more sustainable performance.

Maintaining mental energy

While you might feel passionate about climate change, having an organized workspace or the New England Patriots – passionately debating the finer points of these topics isn’t an effective use of your energy. Furthermore, there are certain things that come up during a normal workday that aren’t worth getting worked up about. For instance, there’s no need to go on a two-hour crusade over a few dirty dishes in the break room.

Pay attention to things that draw an emotional reaction out of you and for each one, decide whether or not it is worth getting fired up about. Then, commit yourself to not wasting energy on pointless crusades and debates.

Tapping into spiritual energy

The human spirit can be a powerful source of energy. People tap into this energy when their work and activities are in line with their passion, giving them a sense of meaning and purpose. Think about it: If your work really matters to you, you tend to feel more energized than when you are doing mundane chores.

If there are parts of your job you’re not good at, it might be because you aren’t particularly passionate about them. Look to delegate, reassign or seek help regarding these tasks. The more you can work on the things you are passionate about, the more you can tap into your own spiritual energy. Simply put, try to maximize the amount of time you spend “doing what you love.”

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