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Client Testimonials

“LTI Services has proven to be a strategic partner that has helped me to continually grow my business and I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Brian – Plant Manager

“As a longtime client of LTI Services, I can say with confidence that the level of service and care that they put into every aspect of their business is outstanding. I put my utmost trust in LTI Services and would highly recommend their services.”

Christine – Director of Human Resources

LTI Services – Woodlands School Case Study

About Woodlands School:

Woodlands School and Woodlands East are independent charter schools authorized by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Their two campuses guide students from 4K through eighth grade to achieve their full potential. Woodlands School is a unique, educational community designed around the holistic needs of students. In addition to core classes, the charter school offers specialty classes in Library, French, Art, Music, and Physical Education. The school also offers Supportive Services and before/after-school care in its Extension Program.

About LTI Services:

LTI Services is a registered E-Verify compliant company, providing innovative staffing solutions to the Chicagoland area, as well as Wisconsin and Indiana. We know human capital is critical to peak company performance and our solutions help ensure our clients have the highest quality flexible staff, right when they need it.

Business Challenge:

Woodlands School, which is responsible for 351 students in grades 4K through 8K, needed to staff their schools with experienced, responsible extension staff and teaching assistants for their after-school program for kids, as well as their classrooms. These resources work tirelessly to supervise students, play, help with homework, plan activities, participate in games, and securely check students in and out of the facility each day.

The school was looking for a flexible, responsive staffing supplier that could provide quality workers who would complement their full-time faculty and a partner that would recruit, prescreen, train, manage, track, and pay these resources on time.

Because of the school setting, candidates had to be thoroughly vetted, background checked, and be able to commit to completing the entirety of the contract so there was no disruption to students or their staff.


Woodlands School put out an ad looking for such a partner and the LTI staff immediately responded. That was eight years ago and the partnership is stronger now more than ever.

LTI Services averages about six to eight resources a year onsite at Woodlands School, which doesn’t seem like a lot but because of the specialized nature of these positions, their demand is low but quality is of upmost importance.

Affordability and a personal, extremely proactive level of customer service have been what sets LTI Services apart from suppliers Woodlands School have used in past, Rosalie Gazzana, Manager of Operations said. “I always feel like I’ve gotten a personal touch from LTI Services. I can email my account team any time and I know they will respond,” she said. “I feel like they are working for me.”

The school’s LTI Account Team meet with Gazzana and the internal Woodlands staff before each school year to do a needs analysis and determine a specific plan for that year’s staffing needs and potential vacancies throughout the year. LTI Services then plans a talent campaign designed to fit the culture and experience level Woodlands School are looking for.

That culture fit is not only important for LTI Services’ resources but extends to their internal staff as well. LTI Services matches their account managers with clients like Woodlands School for the long term, taking time to understand who can deliver successful results. Gazzana said it’s LTI’s “consistency among their staff” that’s solidified their relationship over the years, making LTI Services a valued business partner.


LTI Services has consistently delivered flexible staff for Woodlands School’s after-care program for kids, where extension staff must supervise play, check families in and out of the facility, provide daily activities, and help students with homework.

LTI Services also provides teacher’s aides in the classroom setting, who reinforce the instruction taught in the classroom to students, planning and reviewing lessons with students, answering questions and grading assignments.

Before any candidates are submitted to Woodlands School, LTI Services stringently vets each individual including pre-interviews, background checks, reference checks, and culture fit surveys to ensure once the candidate gets to the Woodlands School interview, there is little doubt about viability. “Of all the candidates I’ve interviewed and accepted from LTI Services, only one person did not work out long term for us,” Gazzana said.



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