Follow These 5 Simple Job Search Tips to Find Your New Job This Year!

A quick Google search will reveal there’s no shortage of advice out there for job seekers and reading too much of it can cause you to lose focus on what’s really important.

We’ve done the work for you! Follow our tips below and start your job search off right:

1) Ensure You’re a Great Fit

The typical job opening gets many resumes that are screened by both an applicant tracking system (ATS) and a human recruiter. To have the best chance of jumping through those hoops and making it to the interview stage, you should be a very good fit for the open position.

You also have to make that ideal fit apparent to both the ATS and hiring personnel. Review the job description and any information you have on the position. Be sure your resume reflects key words and phrases in seen in the description. Your resume and cover letter should showcase your talents in the areas that are vital to success in the job.

2) Don’t Limit Yourself to Job Boards

Internet job boards are a convenient way to find job opportunities, but because they’re so convenient, everybody uses them. You’ll have a lot less competition for open positions if you discover them through your professional network.

Try to connect to people at businesses where you would like to work. If you can, you will immediately set yourself apart from the pack when a position opens up. Hiring personnel interview those who come suggested or by way of a personal recommendation before they hit the stack of resumes that comes via internet job boards.

3) Always Customize Your Resume

The “perfect” resume and cover letter you submitted previously most likely won’t be so perfect for the next job you want. Both your cover letter and your resume should be customized for each application you submit. They should reflect the specific job posting you’re responding to and any relevant information you can find about both the job and the company.

4) Keep it Loose

There’s no perfect formula to getting hired. Therefore, you shouldn’t bother trying to be as polished and rehearsed as possible.

Very few people get the job because they recited all the “correct” responses to interview questions or used “safe” wording in their resumes. Instead, allow yourself to be both well-prepared and personable. Professional, likable applicants are nearly always the ones that get a job offer.

5) Be on LinkedIn

Given that at least 90 percent of hiring personnel use LinkedIn as their principal search tool, you have to not only be on LinkedIn, you also have to take full advantage of the platform.

LinkedIn is the best tool available for job searching and networking. It’s also great for connecting to people at businesses of interest and for positioning yourself to be seen by an employer with a relevant job opening.

Ready to Get Started on Your Job Search?

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