How to Explain to Your Permanent Staff That You’re Hiring Temporary Workers

Bringing in temporary workers offers so many great benefits to your company. However, such a move can cause uncertainty among your full-time staff.

In order to maintain staff morale, it’s crucial to get buy-in from employees when hiring contract workers. Call a meeting with full-time staff members who will be affected by hiring temporary workers, and lay out all the details of your thought process, as well as the plan moving forward.

Lay out the rationale

To help get your permanent employees onboard with the idea of temporary workers around the workplace, clarify why temporary employees are the best option. If it’s to ramp up for a busy season or to reduce labor costs, be upfront with your workers. Even if you have to tell them something they don’t want to hear, at least you’ll hold onto their trust and boost the odds of them seeing your point of view.

Convey how temporary employees will make their job easier

Your employees’ greatest problem is how temporary staff will impact them. Try to have your permanent employees realize that you’re hiring temporary staff in order to alleviate their workload. If workers recognize that temporary workers are going to help their work-life balance or lower their stress level, they’ll appreciate your decision to bring on additional help.

Make certain full-time staff realize temporary workers are not a threat to them

Because permanent workers realize that hiring temporary help is less expensive than bringing on more permanent staff, they often see the hiring of these workers as a job security issue. If workers are uneasy about the prospect of temporary workers, it’ll generate turmoil in the workplace and lines will be drawn between permanent and temporary staff.

In order for temporary employees to get the best results in your business, your permanent employees must be willing to think of them as a part of your team. Reassure your employees that the temporary workers are being retained to assist with the workload, not to take their jobs.

Allow your workers to have a say in the hiring process

If your permanent employees will be training temporary workers, ensure that they’re included in the hiring process as well. When you interview applicants, give your staff the opportunity to interview the person that will become part of their team, exactly as you would in your regular hiring process. Doing so will help ensure the temporary worker that’s hired makes a smooth transition into your company.

As long as you’re honest with your permanent staff and educate them on the value momentary workers bring to the table, you should have no problem gaining worker support for hiring contract employees.

At LTI Services, we have years of experience in helping companies take their first plunge into using temporary workers. If you would like to know more about how we can help your company with such a transition, please contact us today.