Why You Should Encourage Thinking Outside of the Box

Innovation is the foundation of any good company. If you want your workers to be a team of bold, insightful professionals who advocate for your company, you need them to leverage their creativity at every opportunity.

Creativity leads to solutions for difficult, complex issues. It enables new ideas to bubble up and reshape the way you look at things. It helps people enhance their workflows and approaches, and most importantly, it inspires people, resulting in a happier, more committed team.

All of us have some amount of creativity – we simply have to exercise like a muscle. A main goal of your company should be to develop a system that feeds creativity. Management ought to be motivating their workers to think outside the box whenever possible, from how they perform daily operations to the way things are done in other parts of the business.

Here are a few ways that going beyond the normal way of thinking can benefit your business.

More possibility

Managers who are innovative will invest some time in considering ways to move the company forward. They will challenge themselves to produce a new method, new product, or way to refine a process. For instance, many companies are now using the internet to deliver their services in novel ways.

Allowing managers and employees to brainstorm or come up with new options will produce more possibilities, which in turn will produce more methods and results.

Learning how to take risks and handle failure

Success is always fueled by the willingness to take chances. When you think outside the box, there’s a chance that you might fail. This fear of failure is what keeps many people and organizations from reaching the next level in their pursuits.

Effective leaders realize that being successful means getting over the fear of taking chances and the fear of failure. Essentially, you have to embrace stepping outside your comfort zone. You have to not only be willing to take risks, but also be willing to fail. Furthermore, you have to be willing to look at that failure and try to learn something from it.

More knowledge

Regarding his failed attempts to develop the light bulb, Thomas Edison famously said he simply found “10,000 ways that is won’t work.”

Taking chances and being creative isn’t always about generating concrete results. Sometimes that knowledge gained from failed efforts can be just as valuable. Whenever you take action, you get an outcome. It may not be the outcome you were anticipating, but you will walk away with something.

More inspiration

If you are a manager who embraces outside the box thinking and encourages other individuals to do the same, it will have the added effect of motivating and inspiring others. Your team will begin to concentrate on providing outcomes, taking informed risks and learning from failures. They will be more inventive and happy to leave their comfort zone given the knowledge they can depend on your support.

At LTI, we help connect companies to professionals with a track record of outside the box thinking. If your company is looking to bring on new innovators, please contact us today.