Easing Contingent Workers Onto Your Team

Incorporating new workers into your workforce is never a simple task, and any issues are made more complex when temporary workers are the ones being put into the mix.

As these contingent personnel may only be around for a short time, some companies may not see the significance of supplying proper orientation or introducing them to a large amount of permanent personnel. However, since most contingent employees enhance everyone’s productivity, even briefly, it’s crucial that these workers feel at ease in their new, albeit short-term, positions.

By just taking a few simple steps, you can go a long way in assimilating contingent workers into your team.

Introduce Them to the Existing Staff

You don’t have to necessarily introduce new temporary workers to everyone in the company, particularly if they are in different departments or on different shifts. However, introducing them to the people they’ll be directly working with can go far in making them feel like an integral part of your team.

Set Up an Orientation Program

Although companies taking on contingent workers to meet tight deadlines or production quotas may not think they have enough time, every effort should be made to orient new workers with their work area and the layout of the facility. A brief tour, communicating any emergency or safety plans, and answering any questions can all help ensure your new worker is feeling more secure at their new position than without that information.

Have a Mentorship Program

Coupling new recruits and successful full-time workers in a mentorship program is one of the most beneficial techniques for easing a temporary worker into your staff. This lifts a lot of the burden from the managerial team, and supplies the new employee with an intimate chance to see their daily duties, responsibilities and expectations that they wouldn’t get through a general orientation or workplace tour. If you are can’t establish a mentorship program, make sure new contingent workers get some primary guidance.

Offer Added Training

If applicable, don’t hesitate to offer further training or education opportunities to your new hires. While this may not be viable in all situations, particularly when collaborating with momentary workers, offering job-specific training or advanced education to your recent recruits is a surefire way of making them feel at home in their new role. Furthermore, workers who enroll in further training or education are more prone to become precious members of your team in the long run.

Maintain an Open Door Policy

For companies who depend on contingent employees to fill gaps in their team, it’s essential that company managers and supervisors maintain an open door policy. This gives both contingent staff in addition to full-time employees, the chance to access their managers in a safe and confidential setting.

At LTI, we work diligently with our client companies to ensure the hardworking, talented individuals we supply fit nicely into their new surroundings. If your organization is looking for a custom talent acquisition solution, please contact us today.