Are You Constantly Late for Work? Here’s How to Break this Nasty Habit

Despite the best intentions, many people had a bad habit of always running behind schedule.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone. Research has found that about 20 percent of people have a problem with chronic tardiness. Punctuality isn’t only something to keep from receiving disciplinary action at work; it has a wide variety of personal benefits as well.

It Sets the Tone for Your Day

When you’re late for an appointment, you are probably stressed out and on edge, often to the point where any little thing could set you off your game and make you more vulnerable to critical errors. The way to begin your day often determines how the remainder of it will go. If lateness starts your day off on a bad note, it can be challenging to get into the right frame of mind for the rest of your day.

It Improves Your Performance

It can be hard to make progress on your day’s work if you’re continuously trying to get caught up. Being timely also enables you to set your goals for the day and generate better results for your efforts.

It Affects Your Reputation

There’s more to being viewed as a top worker than your performance. Your conduct also factors into the impression managers and peers have of you. Being prompt at work put you in a positive light by showing you are accountable, can follow instructions, and are a team player who genuinely cares about their job and how to affects others.

Even though it might be seen this way, most staff members who are persistently late aren’t doing it due to disrespect. The bad habit is usually an ingrained habit that these folks haven’t worked out how to handle it. If you have issues with being on time, try out these tips.

Commit to punctuality

To change any routine, you must alter your mindset and commit to that change. With respect to punctuality, determine a specific goal like leaving the house at a set time and come up with what it would take to motivate you to stick to it. For example, you could get a punctuality pal to keep you accountable or even plan an incentive for yourself if you keep going for a certain period of time.

Plan for success

It’s hard to be completely successful at something if you don’t prepare ahead of time. If getting to work on time is you main goal, create a plan for where your clothes and keys will be in the morning, what you are bringing for lunch and so on. By making plans, you are reducing the amount of obstacles in your way to getting to work on time.

Allow time for the unexpected

The predominant difference between individuals who are punctual and those who are late all the time is the realistic expectations they set about how long things take. For a good chance of a punctual commute, give yourself a buffer of 10 minutes or so to account for things like car accidents and unexpected construction delays.

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