Can’t Find Skilled Workers? Start Here

The labor market is currently tight and with the economy expected to grow significantly in the coming year – the need for skilled trade talent is only going to grow.

Employers need to step up their talent sourcing strategy if they are going to take full advantage of the economy and stay ahead of their competition. If your company is currently having a tough time finding skilled trade workers, consider the following suggestions.

Push for employee referrals

While you can’t clone your best workers, you can get them to refer like-minded people in their network to your company by incentivizing referrals. Referral bonuses are an effective way to leverage your current staff in your talent acquisition efforts. Your best workers likely have friends from school or earlier jobs. These associations are valuable connections for your company.

Get active in social media

Social media can be a powerful recruitment tool. Not only can you use it to announce open positions and search for applicants, you can also network over sites like LinkedIn to build a network of people who might be interested in working for your company someday.

Use your company’s social profile to engage with trade groups and unions. Post content designed to spur either light-hearted banter or serious conversations about developments affecting your industry.

Step up employee retention efforts

In a tight labor market, holding onto employees is just as important as hiring new ones. By mitigating turnover, a company is alleviating the pressure to replace workers so it can focus more on adding positions as needed.

Stepping up employee retention efforts also has the added effect of boosting employees’ job satisfaction, which is also good for hiring efforts. When employees are very satisfied in their jobs, they become brand ambassadors for their company and are more likely to tell potential employees why they should work for you.

Look to underserved communities

Veterans, differently-abled people and other communities typically see higher unemployment rates than the national average. While your company should always be reaching out to these communities, a tight labor market is the perfect time to source talent from these groups of people.

At LTI, we address the talent acquisition need of our clients at their direction regardless of market conditions. If your company is currently in need of a custom talent acquisition solution, please contact us today.