Are You Unhappy at Work? Change Your Attitude or Change Your Job

Like it or not, you’re in a relationship with your employer and like any relationship; it can turn sour. The trick is figuring out what the problem is: Is it you or the company?

Sometimes, resolving an unpleasant work situation is simply about adjusting your habits or changing the context. If you’re eating lunch with people who always complain about work, getting away from that regular negativity can be enough to change your outlook.

Other times, you might need to get out of there as quickly as possible. If you’re working under a toxic manager who has the full support of upper management, sticking with your job could mean a lot of unnecessary stress and drain on your self-confidence.

Consider the following situations and whether or not each one calls for a job change:

Everyone in your work circle always trashes the company

Genuine issues aside, if you surround yourself with misery and unhappy people, it is going bring you down. Research shows that negative attitudes are contagious. Avoid catching the bug or cure yourself from a bout of negativity by changing your work squad.

You’re in a job that is unchallenging and unrewarding

The easiest job in the world can be downright miserable if you don’t feel challenged or the work doesn’t have some rewarding aspects to it. If you like your employer, there are a number of things you can do to address this situation, such as talk to your boss about taking on more responsibility or look for a more challenging job within your company.

Continue working for a bad boss

Whether they aren’t supportive or straight-up bullying employees, bad managers rarely change without some serious motivation to do so. If you have a bad boss, don’t wait around for them to see the light. Get out ASAP.

You don’t respect your company’s business practices

If you work for a business that lies to clients or treats workers like adversaries, leave as fast as you can. The culture that allows those practices to flourish is not going to change without some kind of crisis.

The company is always on the brink of failing

A business that is continuously near bankruptcy can wear out your enthusiasm. This is particularly true if you don’t have a large influence on the company’s direction. A change of scenery is probably for the best in this case.

You feel stuck in your job

There are numerous reasons why you may feel stuck, including a lack of opportunity above you and being passed over for promotion multiple times. If you are ambitious, and in a position where you can advance your career, it’s time to go.

Your ideas are never implemented

Remaining in a work culture that doesn’t respond to good ideas will ultimately make you question your own value. An environment that leads to serious self-doubt is likely a toxic workplace and you should probably find a more supportive environment.

Sometimes, changing your attitude just isn’t enough. Ready to find a new job? See what LTI Services has available!