Are You Fearing There Are Better Options Elsewhere?

It’s a common situation to be in: You’re not exactly thrilled about a career opportunity in front of you, so your thoughts drift to other career possibilities that are out there. Suddenly, you’re afraid to take an offer because of the ‘fear of better options’ or ‘FOBO’.

Surveys have shown that FOBO plays a role in making a career decision for around two-thirds of all employees. This fear can strike when getting a job offer, negotiating a salary or experiencing a major life event, like the birth of a child.

If you’re feeling serious FOBO in your current job, follow our advice below for re-evaluating your career.

Remember Your Passion

The most common regret for most people with regards to their careers is not making a better effort to get their dream job. Thinking about your opportunities is a solid approach to check and see if you’re pursuing your passion. Realize that success looks different  to everybody, and a good first step in assessing any opportunity to is to ask yourself what you’d want in an opportunity. Then, when you’re wondering if the grass is greener elsewhere, you know what criteria to consider.

Research Any Opportunities

Your supervisor could be the difference between enjoying your job and hating it. Do you think a potential supervisor can provide you with what you need to succeed, like regular feedback or the freedom to work autonomously? It is essential to have a supervisor who will not just invest in your growth but also pay attention to your ideas.

Also, look at other factors like the commute, potential salary and the types of individuals who would be on your team, which you can get a sense of through social platforms. By knowing these things, you can make the best decision for you.

Ask Around

The best approach to determine what else is out there is to tap into your network. For instance, you could message an old classmate or colleague who knows something about the opportunity in front of you. Or you could contact someone who recently made a similar move, such as a move to a different state or a move into management.

When you tap into your network, you can get a better sense of the paths that lay in front of you.

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