Achieve Any Goal with These Four Tips

Most people set goals for their career and achieving those goals is about more than just hard work and dumb luck.

Experts suggest using what’s known as the SMART system for setting goals. By setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Actionable, Results-Orientated and Time-bound (SMART), you are setting yourself up to achieve your objectives.

After you’ve set smart goals, you need to go about reaching them, and there are strategies for doing that too. Consider the following tips when trying to achieve your next goal.

Keep goals organized

Because goals are mostly ideas in your head, it’s important to keep them written down and organized. You could go old school and put your goals in a notebook. Or, you could put your goals into a notepad application on your smartphone. If you are going to choose the latter, it’s a good idea to put your goals list in the cloud, so you can take it with you when you switch to a new phone.

Your list of goals should include information on the metrics you are using to measure progress and the next actions you need to take to reach your next goal. Use a scheduling or calendar app to set regular reminders for updating your goals list.

Focus on just a few

You have an entire lifetime to achieve some goals and a limited timeframe to achieve others. When trying to achieve goals, try to focus on just a few, with an emphasis on those that must be done sooner rather than later. Once you have achieved your brief list of selected goals, you can move onto the rest.

Keep refining your goals

Schedule time to regularly refine and update your goals. If you find yourself achieving goals too quickly, start setting more ambitious goals. If you’re not making significant progress, you can recalibrate your goal or just take it off your list and replace it.

Hold yourself accountable

Holding yourself accountable is probably the hardest part about trying to achieve goals. If you have a hard time keeping yourself on track, experts suggest sharing your goals with a trusted friend. Just the simple act of sharing your goals puts pressure on yourself because you’ll have to face you friend eventually and tell them whether you have made progress.

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