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Human Capital is critical to peak company performance. How to invest in this area is a challenge senior management at all organizations are constantly attempting to do with the most positive impact on the organization. At LTI Services, a registered E-Verify compliant company, we can help you maximize that. LTI Services provides innovative staffing solutions to the Chicagoland area, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Customized Workforce Management

State of the Art Technology

High Volume Capabilities

Our goal is to improve employee and business performance in a number of areas in your business. The ultimate mission of LTI Services is to provide a higher level of differentiated service capabilities to new markets with the same focus on client service which Labor Temps was founded. We pride ourselves on our outstanding client service and commitment. We are dedicating and investing resources in LTI Service as it is the blueprint for the future of the organization.

As a partner in the Human Capital area we work to understand your environment / requirements in order to provide customized solutions for your organization. We do this by building on our experience in the Human Capital industry to craft strategies for your unique needs.

The marketplace is constantly changing and we need to continuously adjust as well. Innovative leadership in the areas of resource management and managed services are critical to our success. These capabilities in addition to our team of experienced professionals can help maximize your investment. Let us put our experience to work for you!

LTI Services provides Staffing and Managed Services Solutions including:

  • Customized Workforce Management
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Value Enhanced Services
  • Experienced staff
  • Screening and training
  • High Volume Capabilities
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