5 Steps for Finding Your Best New Manufacturing Rock Star

Staffing an open position with the proper applicant is time-consuming, challenging and stressful, given that a bad hire can cost thousands of dollars or more.

However, productivity demands often push hiring personnel into bad decisions. The Harvard Business Review recently conducted a study that found 80 percent of worker turnover can be attributed to bad hiring decisions.

On the other hand, taking too long to make hiring decisions can put undue stress on staff members, which can lead to more errors, aggravation and burnout. To help your company locate more rock stars and make less bad hires in a timely manner, here are five steps to take the next time an open position needs to be filled.

Determine the exact need

The first step in finding a rock star employee is identifying what you need in a perfect employee. There are lots of talented people out there; not all of them will thrive in your culture or in this open position. You should determine what kind of technical skills and soft skills the new employee should have. You also need to determine their exact responsibilities, pay rate, hours and where they will do their work.

Spending some time on identifying exact needs will go a long way to avoiding a bad hire and making sure that decision making doesn’t take too long.

Craft a smart job posting

A job posting should be by using the optimal worker detailed in the previous step. The basics of a job description should include the job title, a breakdown of the job with bullet-pointed job duties and essential qualifications. For a more thorough posting, add positions of employees that position will report to and work with closely.

A good job posting will also represent the company brand. For instance, a company with a loose, fun brand should have loose and fun job postings.

Hold comprehensive interviews

As soon as you have a good amount of applicants, screen them to determine which ones are probably going to line up with your ‘ideal candidate’ criteria. Once you’ve sorted out the most promising applicants, set up interviews with them.

In addition to getting a better sense of candidates’ skills and experience, interviews should also determine each candidate’s disposition and potential culture fit as they relate to the job. For example, you may want to hire someone you think will conform to your finely-tuned company structure.

Perform background checks

It seems like every day an organization gets burned for not doing thorough background checks on one of their employees. Contact all professional references and scour applicants’ social media profile for any red flags.

Extend a competitive offer

Once the best candidate has been identified, you need to make a competitive offer. If you’re not in a position to make an above-average offer, consider other perks and benefits you can offer to attract a potential rock star employee.

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