These 5 Apps Can Make Your Workplace Safer

We use apps to get a ride to the airport, order cappuccinos, collaborate with co-workers and all sorts of other activities, but did you know apps can also make your company a safer place to work?

While it’s always a good time to think about safety, summer is a particularly good time to evaluate your company’s safety and health initiatives. Not only is safeguarding your workers from injuries the proper thing to do, on-the-job injuries mean lost productivity, workers’ compensation claims and other negative impacts.

Safety apps both contribute to a safer workplace, and play into today’s app-obsessed culture, which can increase employee buy-in for safety programs. Here are some of the top workplace safety apps available today.

OSHA Safety

This app contains the complete text of OSHA guidelines for General Industry and Business. These OSHA rules cover most work environments, including manufacturing, service, shipping, and medical / dental industries. The app also features OSHA news and interpretations of standards so that safety personnel can be kept up-to-date on important safety news. The app can also be used offline, which can come in very handy on job sites where the internet is not accessible.


One of the most popular safety apps out there, iAuditor can produce tailor-made safety forms, recycle existing forms and import forms made on your computer. The app also has a library of over 40,000 inspection forms and all forms can be shared through the SafetyCulture Cloud and email.


This app can help educate and maintain well-being through proper ergonomic practices. It can help set up workplace equipment like a chair and desktop computer, to allow for proper ergonomics. The app also provides useful recommendations for basic stretching exercises. Users can schedule reminders for stretching sessions or taking breaks to reduce musculoskeletal stress and risk of injury.

Easy OHS – Hazard & Risk Identification Record

This app provides a way to record accident information and subsequent medical care, significantly reducing the amount of paperwork. The app also allow for the easy capture of crucial Hazard Information including location, action required and action taken. Images and video footage can be included in any reports to clearly document probable workplace hazards from either the device’s storage or Dropbox. Users can also store and send reports via email or Dropbox.

Cargo Decoder

Finding out what a particular tanker is carrying with this app is as easy as tapping in the four-digit number on the tanker’s DOT placard. The app also pulls up relevant data from the Emergency Response Guidebook.

This app is particularly helpful for emergency responders and hazardous materials employees who might need to get information quickly. For ease of use, the app also has voice command and swipe features, reducing the need for typing into a keyboard.

At LTI, the safety of our contract workers and employees at our client companies is our top priority. If your company is looking for staffing firm it can depend on to support its safety initiative, please contact us today.