4 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Deal with Stress

It should go without saying that today’s professionals are under a lot of stress. Also, many people with a stressful job may also be dealing with significant personal stress, such as caring for a sick loved one or raising a newborn child.

Furthermore, with today’s technology, employees are always just a text, email or phone call away. This constant connection can only add to the stress that workers feel on a daily basis.

Helping your employees deal with stress is a nice thing to do, but it’s also good for business. According to a survey of Canadian professionals from The Globe and Mail, people who say they can effectively manage their stress also say they put in 80 percent or more effort into their workday. Those who say they put in 70 percent or less also say they have a hard time managing stress.

If your organization is currently looking to do more to help employees deal with their stress level, please consider the following tips.

Promote employee assistance programs

Employee assistance programs help professionals with both personal and professional problems. These are available to employees’ spouse and children if they are also dealing with problems for which they need professional counseling.

Many assistance programs offer various ways to contact them. Aside from phone number, most can be reached by text, e-mail or online chat. Non-verbal communication can help employees who have little privacy at work for these kinds of discussions. Stressed employees can discreetly go online and chat with a counselor about their problem or arrange a meeting for a later time.

Have managers help with stress

Supervisors are in a tough spot. They may notice one of their workers is having difficulties but may not want to step into a thorny personal issue. Many employee assistance programs can give advice to supervisors who see an employee is struggling, helping them to approach an employee in a proper way, and can suggest resources to assist the employee.

Create a supportive culture

If a company provides a supportive culture and gives its staff the coping habits they need to manage work stress, it can go a long way to keeping employees from feeling stressed out. Some sensible strategies include instructing staff to look at email only a few times a day so they’re not distracted, and restricting multitasking so employees concentrate on one thing at a time. Multitasking isn’t just associated with high stress levels, it’s also ineffective.

Stay connected to employees’ concerns

Stress is triggered by major milestones in an employee’s life: getting a promotion, getting married, having kids, and so on. Managers should be aware of when an employee is going through a major personal or profession transition and help these employees with whatever resources are available.

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