2 Ways to Eliminate Conflict on Your Warehouse Floor

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding conflict in today’s workplace, where people typically have drastically different values, work habits and personality types. However, disagreements don’t have to take over the workplace and adversely impact a company. Many workplace conflicts can be avoided, or at least minimized with the right habits.

Disagreements often start with a genuine or imagined transgression and if it’s not diffused rapidly, interpersonal problems will pop up and spread. There are two approaches to quickly and efficiently address any transgressions, whether they are real or imagined.

Call out the rumor mill

The simplest, fastest approach to decrease office conflict may seem counterintuitive. Rather than focusing on individuals who run the rumor mill, focus on getting rid of the audience for gossip. The rumor mill will grind to a crawl if office gossips don’t have people listening.

Employees should be told: “When you hear someone start to complain about someone else, regardless of the reason, ask, ‘Should we talk to them directly about this?’ and if the other person says ‘no’, say you’re not interested and walk away.”

Getting rid of gossip makes it possible to maintain a culture where group members actively commit to the growth of all other members, lowering conflict among workers.

Eliminate elephants in the room

A common source of this phenomenon is a negative belief that goes unaddressed. Regardless of whether or not the belief is true, the elephant in the room affects the performance of the group.

For instance: If a manager starts a new efficiency initiative without being completely transparent about its objectives, employees might think its purpose is to eliminate resources or even get rid of staff.

In this situation, there might be numerous reasons why a manager isn’t completely open. If the new system must be put into place quickly, it might call for discretion so competitors did not find out. Or, perhaps the manager truly is looking to reorganize staff after the efficiency gains have been realized.

Despite the actual motive, without all of the facts, employees make an assumption and that assumption eventually becomes a truth that affects the team’s decisions. To eliminate elephants in the room, you have to shine a light on it by identifying it, and then hold a conversation with the group about how to move forward.

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